Andy Jacko

I am Andy Jacko. I am a yoyo player and YoYo Busker from Manchester, UK.

I played responsive yoyo as a child, winning several competitions with the old Russell "Coca-Cola" yoyos.

After many minutes basking in my now well-earned "YoYo Ninja Master" title I completely forgot about YoYos and began to lead the life of an ordinary person once again.

Fast forward to somewhere around 2010 ish and I see a video on YouTube for the unresponsive Magic YoYo T9. I was blown away with what could now be done with a YoYo and ordered the T9 for myself.

Since then I have acquired over 100 different YoYos, travelled to various countries for YoYo Competitions and YoYo Meets and belong to several worldwide YoYo Clubs such as DitchDown44 and BYYA.